Your Write Page

  • To get started, simply click your timer on and begin typing.
  • If you want to customize your journals, we offer many options.

Your first journal

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Turn your timer on and begin to write. Below are some ways to customize your journals.

Choose a journal topic and add a subtopic.

Topic and Subtopic

Click on "Choose a Topic" to view the menu.

topic menu

Select a topic from the menu.

You can also add a new topic by clicking on
"New Topic" in the menu.

Topic and Subtopic

Click on "Add a subtopic here." to enter a subtopic.

You can pick a background and paper for each journal topic.

Background Image

After choosing a topic for your journal, you can access the backgrounds by clicking the Customize link.

Background Image

Choose a background for your journal topic.

Background Image

Close the Customize menu or choose a different paper for your journal.

We keep track of your writing time.

Timer Image

We give you a reminder to turn your timer on before you begin writing.

Timer Image

You can easily see your writing time for each journal and for your total journals.

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In the Data section, you can view your daily writing goal and the actual time you journaled.

Our editor gives you many options to customize your journals.

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Some of our favorite features:

  • Date & Time Stamp
  • Time Stamp
  • 31 fantastic emoticons
  • Make your own default font and font size
  • Use JTH's default font and font size

And much, much more!

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Discovery Section

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Privacy & Security

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